04 April 2010

[review] mozeke's moisturizing hair masque

ingredients: distilled water, btms (conditioning emulsifier), aloe butter, avocado butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, mango butter, sal butter, all natural preservative, glycerin, guar gum, pro vitamin b5, and fragrance.

i have been cooking up this review in my mind since i first used it yesterday. this is gonna be such a great review. :)

the first thing i have to comment on, because it was the first thing i'd experienced, is the customer service. excellent service! i'd sent an email asking a quick question and received a reply within an hour. so far, so good. my order shipped out April 1st and it arrived April 3rd! i don't ever think i've had shipping that was THAT fast. already, i liked this company. :)

i ordered a 4 oz of the whipped avocado cream and 4 oz of the moisturizing hair masque. this size of the hair masque cost me a very agreeable 7.00. you could also purchase 8 oz for 12 dollars, or the 16 oz for 22 dollars. now, this is even pricier than hairveda's deep conditioner, but in my opinion, it is MORE than worth it.

the 4 oz jars i received aren't very decorative, but very simple. sturdy plastic jars and a basic screw top that just isn't very "pretty" to the eyes. it reminds me of a medicine top - with the little groove along the side. but the mozeke logo is very clean and neat and the font looks fabulous on the bottle. i think if they upgrade to prettier or more streamlined jars, packaging would be a thumbs up.

the scent reminds me of a kind of buttery, piƱa colada icing, but it is very, very light. vaguely candy-ish, but very subtle, which makes deep conditioning with it a treat. the consistency is very thick and creamy, like a custard. you feel like you're slathering your hair in a rich, decadent icing. you can see the yumminess in the image above. :P

now, those of you who bother to read my blog (and how i love you for it), know that it can take weeks for me to review a product and that's due to a very potent mix of laziness/not finding the time and wanting to give a thorough, balanced review. i have only used this once so far (and plan to use it again tonight after my henna) but it only took one use for me know this would be a staple status product!

i applied a generous amount on dry hair yesterday morning and then hopped in the shower. when i rinsed, my hair was so ridiculously soft and smooth. it felt as though my strands had been infused with a deep moisture. i've been through a few DCs, but none quite like this. i am so excited to place my next order. my hair just drank this stuff right up! i don't deep condition as regularly as i need to, but this turned my dry, thirsty hair into a lush, juicy mass of coils and kinks.

my only concern is that this might be a seasonal DC, given the ingredients of aloe and glycerin. it might not give me the same results during the cooler months, but we'll see.

would this be a repurchase is far from the right question to ask. it should be WHEN will i repurchase and i dare say, very soon. ;)

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)


LaToya said...

Thanks for the review! I'd been eyeing the site for a while but was unsure about what to order. You just helped me decide!

Melyssa said...

thanks, and you're welcome!

i can't wait to order some more - it's yummy! i'll have to check out her other products, too.