04 April 2010

[review] herbal essences hello hydration moisturizing conditioner

i know i have been promising this review since the end of time; literally, since the beginning of this blog and i know because i remember buying this stuff when i first bc'ed! so, since i'm waiting for my girlfriend for our henna date, i decided to finally knock this out. ;)

months ago, i purchased a huge bottle of hello hydration and i would venture to guess that i still have at least 40% left. i haven't been cowashing very often and now that i've found my staple conditioners, i use it even less. you can get a very generous 23.7 oz for five bucks, which is excellent for anyone with a lot of hair or who likes to cowash often (or both). you can get a 12 oz bottle (i think) for anywhere from 2-3$, or you can buy a small sample size for a dollar, which i LOVE because i adore sample size anything (so much so, i think i'm going to dedicate a post to sample sizes, hehe...). you can find this in any target or walmart or CVS, so its accessibility and affordability would make it an excellent candidate for cowashing staple.

the bottle is a pale, matte blue, which melds perfectly with its play-doh green cap, which you depress on one side, like most bottles. the bottle has a very gentle curve, making it very handheld-friendly and easy to squeeze. this bottle sits on it's top, so the conditioner is already settled at the bottom, waiting for you to squeeze out.

the color of the conditioner is a lighter, pastel sister to the blue of the bottle. it's a fairly thick conditioner, which makes smearing it in a delight because you can tell it's covering each and every strand. it's easily spreadable and very creamy. the scent is a very, light spring timey floral. the bottle reads "with a fusion of coconut milk and orchid," although i'm not sure if this is the scent. but it's a very clean, light fragrance. i remember cowashing with this last summer and loving the way it scented my hair.

this performs exceptionally well for a drugstore conditioner. it does just as it claims and really moisturizes well. it gets your hair clean and smooth with a light hint of fragrance. i don't have much to say on the performance, actually, because i think "it works well" describes the product fairly succinctly. it hasn't given me any hairgasms lately, but that doesn't mean i love it any less. i typically use it now to rinse out my henna, since that usually takes two or three washes to get it fully out and i don't have to worry about being heavyhanded.

would this be a repurchase? yes. but will i repurchase? probably not and that's not due to the conditioner at all, but because i've found my staples and don't have much interest in purchasing any other conditioners. but i would be quick to recommend this to anyone looking for a cheap, effective, moisturizing condish.

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)