03 April 2010

a look at what's to come...

alright, i think i'm done fiddling with the kinky curly curling custard. and i've all but given up on the knot today. i was fully prepared for this to become my staple styler, although mostly for appearances. it's a popular product, smells great, and cute packaging. but my pockets can't take the price, especially when there are gels that are more easily accessible and a fraction of the price.

the review will hopefully come sometime next week, after i've finished experimenting with other, generic gels. i am thinking of making a video to augment this review, simply because there is so much to address with the kinky curly and i figured a video would be a lot more organized and comprehensive. sometimes i like to read about things and sometimes i like to watch about things, so i'll do a review here on my blog and the video. i'll begin writing down my thoughts now so when i do get around to a vid, i won't just be rambling. ;)

i also have another henna date, which i know i need to review again, so i may do that tomorrow as the mixture is sitting on my head, then a part two after i wash, so i can really comment on the color pay off.

tomorrow, for sure, however, will be a review on a deep conditioning mask i recently purchased. it is so very amazing and i am so excited to review it. it's a new business (as far as i know) and i ordered two four ounce products, which i figured were good trial sizes. i purchased a moisturizer and a deep conditioner and the deep conditioner has been a dream thus far. we're talking staple status here! i can't wait to share my thoughts on the product and the accompanying customer service, so please look forward to it. ;)

i hope all is well in your natural world. <3


Abreaka Studios said...

cant wait for the in definate need of a good conditioner :)

Skeeta said...

Eco gel! eco gel! I will never leave this gel. the price it too right.

zainab1 said...

I am new to your site, and I looove it. Can't wait to hear your reviews. Keep up the great work! take care.

Melyssa said...

skeeta, i've had the eco styler gel for months! for some reason, i just never reviewed it, like with the hello hydration condish. but i've got some free time now, so i'm working on reviews as we speak. :)

and hey zainab! you're on natural sunshine, aren't you? i know i recognize your name. :) thanks for visiting my blog and i'm so happy you like it!