04 April 2010

[review] oyin handmade's honey hemp conditioner

ingredients: purified water, organic aloe vera gel, behentremonium methosulfate (emulsifier derived from colza oil), honey, virgin hemp oil, coconut oil, vegetable glycerine, hydrolized silk, citrus essences, fragrance, optiphen (preservative)


finally, this review! i have been in love with this conditioner since my first wash. i had heard RAVES on this conditioner for years and i am so grateful for whatever possessed me to finally give it a try... oh yeah. my birthday and someone else buying it for me. lol. but i knew this was going to be a staple product after the first few washes, so i am excited to review it! let's go!

first off, price points. as with all handmade products, they will never be as cheap as store bought brands. 16 delicious ounces of this will run you 18.00, but the 32 oz (which i plan to purchase at the next bottling party), is $32, which i don't mind at all. but they do offer a 8 oz for eleven dollars and a small sample bottle, although i'm not sure as to the price.

one thing i do need to note, which is important, is that it takes two weeks for your order to ship. i don't mind, since i think it's more than worth it. however, they do have a storefront that is open on saturdays, so if you live in the DMV and are willing to make the drive, you can just go pick up your bottle, for no shipping and no wait. this is what i do, since they're but a 30 minute drive away. but the keeping the turnaround time in mind, order in bulk so you don't have to worry about running out.

the smell of this conditioner smells like their shine and define (which i might review), which is a bright, sweet piña colada vacation. piña colada is my favorite flavor anything, so this conditioner had already scored points for that alone.

the bottle is a very round, very amber bottle with a single label. very basic, very drab but i do like the label. the wording can be a bit much, since the label itself isn't very big and they provide you with a generous wording of description and the ingredients. and then there's the logo, name of the product, and their website. since i like condensed images and wording, i don't mind it but those with easily tired eyes might find it a tab bit jumbled. but i think the frosty blue of the dandelion and the rich green of the stem agree surprisingly well with the dark bottle.

the consistency of this conditioner is extremely smooth and creamy, with the perfect thickness - not thick at all, but far from loose. the conditioner itself is a basic off-white color with a light tinge of cream undertones.

now for the good part. the performance.

if you all could've seen my face the first time i spread this in my hair... it wasn't the enraptured face of ecstasy that often accompanies hairgasms, but rather one of surprise. WHY had i gone so long without experiencing this?! i felt like kicking myself for missing out on such an amazing conditioner. it softened my hair instantly, filling the shower with its tropical, coconutty fragrance. i let it sit for a few minutes as i went about showering, and when i rinsed, it felt as though my hair was even softer. my hair was clean, fragrant, soft, and strong. i really don't have the word to describe the miracles that this conditioner worked! my hair felt so healthy and ALIVE, and i don't say that about just any conditioner.

so, would i repurchase? i've already got my shopping list. ;)

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)