18 April 2010

izzy & me -- some thoughts

with my haircut just a week away, i have been doing a lot of thinking about dear izzy. we've been together for maybe nine months now (i lost count a while ago, lol) and in this short time, it has really been nothing less than a journey. we've had our ups and downs, our pretty days and our not-so-pretty days. izzy has cursed me out more than once over the winter for letting dryness get her down and she's been absolutely thriving ever since the weather began to warm up. things have been going nicely the past few weeks, but i've been really doing some thinking and i've realized...

i haven't been treating her like i'm supposed to.

far from it! somehow, my hair manages to make due with the little attention i give her but i know that my hair could be so much more beautiful that what it already is. i suffocated her with gel daily, washing sparingly in between, and she'll be lucky if she even sees a deep condition. i've been saying for months that i need to step up, so why haven't i?

i feel like after my second chop next week, i'll be able to treat izzy with all the attention and love she so needs. product-wise, i will say i am more well-equipped now that i have my staples, but i know i've made the most improvement in experience. i know what to do and what not to do.

i know i need to wake up early enough to devote the appropriate attention i need to my hair. i can't expect miracles when i have only ten minutes to re-wet, slap some gel in, and fly out the door. if i want izzy to look flawless every day, i need to give her that attention.

and even more important than how she looks, is her health. i need to treat her to a moisturizer or some oil daily, so make sure my afro stays shiny, soft, and fly. i have noticed that izzy looks her absolute best, something no kinky curly or activator will ever do, when she's fresh from a wash or deep condition, or freshly moisturized. that's my hair in it's natural state, when i'm not trying to twist a coil or conjure up a curl. when izzy is properly fed and moisturized, my curls are so incredibly shiny and touchable... so why don't i moisturize more often? i have absolutely no clue.

but in this upcoming week, right up until the shave, and all the days after, i know how i'm meant to treat my hair and i'm excited to finally do so. i see so much potential in my hair and i'm excited to know that i'll finally be able to do what i need to do to see it. i'm so excited to wash and moisturize and oil my hair everyday.

one of my biggest challenges in this journey so far has been styling. i see so many fly naturals with even less hair than me and their twa's are so gorgeous. if they can get creative, why can't i? i'm looking forward to working with my hair in all her gorgeous stages, from no inches, to one inch, to four. i can't rely on a lazy shingle or gelled up wash n go for my staple style when i don't even really pull off those styles in earnest. this time around, that'll be different. ;) i'm gonna rock twists, and coils and coil outs, cornrows and mini puffs. flowers, hair bands, beads, and ties will be a welcome accessory amongst my brushy fro.

i am so excited to get to try again with izzy. i know if i was so in love the first time around, this time will be even better. :)


Anonymous said...

So...this is weird, lol. My hair's name is Isabella, Izzy for short, and I'm from the DMV too. Random!

Melyssa said...

how ironic! well, nice to meet you too. lol.