17 April 2010

[review] mozeke whipped avocado cream

ingredients: distilled water, avocado butter, hemp Seed butter, BTMS (conditioning emulsifier), all natural preservative, avocado oil, honeyquat, pro vitamin B5, alfalfa powder, wheat protein, and fragrance.

mmm... yummy. doesn't the name alone just make your mouth water!? when i first came across the mozeke website a few weeks ago, i knew from jump street this would be going into my cart. we all know i love avocado butter (and therefore, by extension, all things avocado). HINTHINT: if you want me to buy anything, just stick "avocado" in the name. ;) and "whipped cream"? yep, i'll buy that too. pretty much, if any kind of name reminds me of food, i'll probably buy it (i've even tasted some of my hair products, buuut that's a post for another day, ahem!)

i stuck a 4 oz "sample" size of this in my cart for six dollars - great price point! in my opinion, four ounces may be a little too generous for a sample, but at the same time, generous samples are a good thing. you really get enough product to work and experiment with before committing to a larger size. sample sizes are also great for people like me, who love smaller versions of anything. what i really like about mozeke's products is the sizing options they give you: 4, 8, and 16 oz products, for the curious, the fans, and the fanatics. perfect! i've used my sample twice this far and still have quite a bit left in my jar (which is painfully plain by the way, and i am dying for a new cap).

first thing that caught my eye about the whipped avocado cream is the consistency. you can see here (link) just how rich, smooth, and creamy it looks! my jar, however, had little air bubbles/pockets in it, and it wasn't that mouthwatery, soft buttery yellow, so it didn't look nearly as delectable as the picture on the website, but it wasn't a big deal at all. i will say, however, that the consistency is much thicker than a cream, more of a pudding. hmm... "whipped pudding" sounds like it'd taste good too, so really, she can go with either name, haha. the texture is very rich and smooth and spreads like a dream - i enjoy using the product.

as for the scent... i had a hard time placing it, but to me, it smells like a hyped up, even more sugary version of peaceloveandsunshine's hello sweet thang fragrance. i knew it was familiar but i couldn't place it for a few days. the scent is very strong and lingers in my hair, which would be a would thing if this scent was flawless, which, unfortunately, it's not. i don't mind fragrant scents, although even i was overpowered by it sometime. the scent is a cavity-inducing whipped, buttery sugar with a hint of lemon zing to add a tiny bit of dynamic, but it doesn't quite pull it off. in fact, on an occasional whiff, it's so overbearing it just smells "producty," which is the best i can describe it. it has very clear end notes of either trying-too-hard or not-trying-hard-enough. i can easily see this being overpowering to those who possess more sensitive noses. it might do well for her to sell an unscented version of this. but so far, the scent wouldn't keep me from re-ordering.

now, as for it's performance as a moisturizer... i think it does a great job! it absorbs quickly without my strands feeling coated and the moisture lasts all day. i can feel my hair being softened as i run it through my little fro. it even defined my curls a little - which i find happens the most when izzy is properly fed and juicified (which i will be making a post on very soon!)

i will note, however, that so far, it doesn't seem to play well with my eco styler gel; at least not immediately. after applying the whipped cream, i smeared on a little dab of eco styler to a section in the front and the gel began to "bead"/leave little white flecks in my hair, so i stopped. that section did dry and when it did, i couldn't see the flecks anymore. however, when i did play with that area (twirling it and pulling at it, etc), i did get some product flaking out. i'm sure if i let the moisturizer dry a little first, i could avoid this. i applied this one night and in the morning, applied some kccc and i had no trouble with that, so i'm sure it's just a matter of letting the moisturizer settle in first.

i don't have much experience in the moisturizer market, mainly because i've always stuck to shea and avocado butter. so that being said, i think this was a great introduction! it's got a nice smell and spreads deliciously. i only need a little bit for my entire head and customer service is excellent. i can't/won't compare it to my beloved avocado butter, however, because although i use them for virtually the same purpose, they're two completely different things. i don't feel as though they're comparable or even in competition with one another, but can coexist on my noggin quite peacefully...

which gives me the idea to try the avocado butter under the eco styler... that sounds delicious too! ;P man... this entire review has been food-themed!

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)


Skeeta said...

this sounds awesome, I love sugary smells. umm, I didn't know u've used avocado butter.. did u review? I need to get some of that, I hear it is very buttery. :o)

Melyssa said...

girrrrl, of course i reviewed it. i've been pushing it on everyone, telling errybody to try it! i LOVE the stuff!

bellenoir said...

Hmmm, someone sent me a sample of this when I bought some stuff from her off of LHCF. I was going to pass it on, but googled first. Glad I did. I will try it first.

Melyssa said...

i'm glad i was able to help you! :) when you do try it, i hope you like it!

Vera said...

I realize this is an older post, but am new to your blog (luv what I see so far!) and this product sounds like something I need to try, but am confused a bit. I like the ingredients, but I thought oils and butters were only meant to seal moisture in? Are you applying a leave-in or other water based moisturizer underneath first? OR is it that avocado and hemp butters actually penetrate? Thanx!

Melissa said...
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Melyssa said...

thanks so much for the comment, Vera!

i know that avocado is one of the only oils with molecules small enough to penetrate the hair shaft. i'm not sure if this extends with the butter version, but i have used plain avocado butter with great success as a moisturizer!

i usually apply this on wet or damp hair too, so it could be sealing in that moisture.

hope this helps! :)