16 December 2010

avocado butter + castor oil = a christmas miracle (and other goodies!)

hey curlies! :)

i had a presentation on the black panthers last week, and my group decided it would be fun to dress the part as well. ;) my roommate blew out my hair into an afro so that i would better look the part of a panther woman. i washed my hair and moisturized with jasmine's shea butter cream rinse. i air-dried for maybe an hour until my roommate was ready. she sat me in a low chair in the bathroom and applied some heat protectant (sabino moisture block's original formula). armed with my denman, she alternately brushed and blew my curls out.

and what a freaking surprise!

my hair was so BIG! i am the queen of the lackadaisical style. ever since my second big chop, i became the epitome of the wash-n-go diva. i left my hair curly and went about my business. sure, i would stretch out my hair every now and again, but that was never a really good indicator my growth. so imagine my excitement when i saw this:

where did all of that hair come from?! (and you can see a tuft sticking out where i'd been pulling on it, haha!) throughout the process, my roomie was bubbling over with giggles and exclamations of "you have so much hair back here!" when i saw my hair, i was all smiles and grins! this was such a new look for me, an experience i'd never had! since i cut my hair in june 2OO9, i'd never seen my hair straight. and i'm sure that picture above doesn't showcase my "true" length, because my hair wasn't completely straight.

blow drying also clued me into how healthy my hair was. i couldn't keep my hands out of it! i know i'm due for a good trim - my ends felt a little rough, i'll admit. but my roots (and length of my natural hair color) was so incredibly soft! my hair felt amazing! it was cool to feel and to see all the hard work i've been putting into my hair. there was very little hair in the comb attachment and denman when she was done and i just can't get over how good my hair felt!

having my hair blown out also helped to reinforce my goal of growing out my hair. everyone knows, i adored my fade, and pressures from my friends to go bald again has been making it very tempting! but after seeing how much growth i have, there's no way i'm cutting it down again. i've adjusted my plan as such: i'll get another trim on spring break (to cut out my color), and i'll dye my hair again during the summer. and then i'll check my length again in the middle of fall semester.

and that's the plan. :) i will keep steaming weekly and moisturizing daily. i've also been thinking of baggying over night a few times a week, but i don't want to risk mushy hair. i've also been meaning to do a light protein treatment, just because.


anyway (long post, i know!), after i washed my hair sunday night, i was reunited with my two loves: avocado butter and jamaican black castor oil, two items that i started my HHJ with. i'm not sure why i decided to use them again (already in the shower and left my moisturizer, probably), but i'm glad i did!

when i woke up in the morning, i was in love allll over again! izzy was amazing! soft, fluffy, moisturized... the jbco gave me ridiculous shine and my curls were popping all over the place. i had a lot more shrinkage than usual, but in my experience, more shrinkage means juicier curls, so i wasn't complaining. i was feeling my hair, ya'll. lil izzy was feeling herself too, obviously! haha!

it's so nice to know that no matter what new products i experiment with, i can always come back to my tried and true staples. :)

a quick update. i hope all is well in your world. <3


Skeeta said...

Look at all that hair u have!! Its gorg!

Melyssa said...

thanks so much! your hair has grown a lot too!

we need to get together and do lunch sometime! :)