26 December 2010

[review] nbdcosmectis miracle moisture (curl, twist, and loc creme)

ingredients: distilled water, tucuma butter, sodium pca, sodium lactate, lactic acid, collagen, urea, amino acids, behentromonium methosulfate, ceteryl alcohol, monoi de tahiti oil, meadowfoam seed oil, vitamin complex, stearic acid, germall and fragrance.

i first purchased a sample size of this back in november, when i was beginning my search for a water-based moisturizer. i found this on easy and it sounded like a good product, so i went ahead and picked this up. i've been working with it since then and i'm finally ready to do a good review on it. :) so let's go!

i bought 2 ounces of this for $5.50, which was very agreeable. you can purchase the full 4 ounce size of this for only ten dollars. i think these are excellent price points because i've been using generous dollops of my sample size for weeks now and i have a little less than half remaining. i imagine the full size would last for quite some time!

this cream comes in a simple blue jar. the color is fairly noteworthy, as i haven't received too many blue jars, lol. but it doesn't really fit for me. i'm not too sure why. the dark blue of this seems a bit more herbal, or medicinal.  the label is handmade, with the name of the product written on it (i think this is only for sample sizes, however!).  there's not too much information on it other than the website address and company name. i do like the little column of logos to the left, but the images are so small they're virtually useless.

packaging could be reworked to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing, but it is quite functional and shouldn't present too many problems for anyone.

immediately, the fragrance on this caught my attention! there was very little mention of the scent in the product listing on etsy, so it came as quite a surprise. it is unlike anything i've ever smelled before. this is definitely a summer scent! it reminds me a bit of fruit punch - fun, loud, fruity. there is a definite berry undertone, but there is something that tempers it juuuust right. 

i love this! the scent lasts all day and i could catch a whiff every time that i turned my head or the wind blew. yummy! those who are sensitive to strong fragrances might opt for an unscented version, it could be a bit tiring at times.

the consistency of this is a standard, in my opinion, but no less enjoyable! it isn't very thick. it's one of the thinner products i've tried, but it has just enough weight to it. the consistency makes this go a very long way. a generous finger tip should cover most of your head. the consistency gives this product a definite plus for me.

the performance on this was nice. i wasn't amazed, nor was i blown away, but neither was i disappointed at all. this is advertised as a styling cream, and i was primarily searching for a moisturizer. this did offer my curls a degree of definition and left them very soft and pliable. drying time was nice on this too.

however, the hold wasn't enough for me to consider using as a styler. and the moisture wasn't great enough for me to continue using as a moisturizer, especially as my hair gets longer.

i am on the fence about this product. i am going to keep working with it, for sure, since i have so much left. but i'm not too sure if this would ever be a repurchase. i enjoyed using it and everything agrees with me on this product, but it just wasn't amazing enough for me.

.customer service.
customer service from nbdcosmetics was quick and friendly. i was kept updated as to the status of my order and all my questions were answered promptly and politely. :)

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)