19 December 2010

new format to product reviews -- section labels & *new* section!

i'm on a roll today! lazy sundays are always good for blogging (it's like the steam just gets my fingers going!). :) unlike my last post, this one will be quick!

i'm going to add labels to the different components of my product reviews. i know i can load a post with lots of information, and i wanted to make them more easily accessible. they'll be separated into (and not necessarily in this order):
  • pricing
  • label/bottle/packaging
  • scent
  • performance
  • customer service
i'll also be "reviewing" the company on their customer service (shipping times, reply to emails, how they pack my box, etc). customer service can make or break your experience, and i know it is of a lot of importance to me as well, so i figured i should include it in my reviews, just to let you guys know what you're getting into. :)

on a more technical note, blogspot has been giving me really weird formatting lately, font and spacing wise, so i'll be on the lookout for a new layout while i'm out of school!

just a few quick updates!


LaToya said...

I think that including info about the customer service is an awesome idea! I recently had to cut off one popular company due to their lack of communication and horrendous turnaround time. It really sucks because their products are awesome, but I refuse to pay for crappy service!

Melyssa said...


i, too, had to give up a company with an owner i adored because i just could not take the service anymore. i'd given her way too many chances and i don't have $$$ to blow like that. her products were great, but i have moved on.

i've been debating doing a blog post about it, just because i didn't want to seem as though i was putting her on blast, and since it wasn't a hair product, i probably won't, but if anyone asks, i'll be completely honest about my experiences.