26 December 2010

my first twistout! (pics!)

hey curlies!

so after my weekly steam tonight, i didn't want to just do NOTHING to my hair has usual, so i decided to try twists!

i moisturized with oyin's new hair dew (LOVE this stuff!). as i sectioned off my hair, i sealed each bit with their burnt sugar pomade and got to twisting.

here's how the twists came out!

as you can see, my ends got huge and puffy. i'm in need of a trim, but unwilling to let the length (and maybe the color) go at this moment. i'll probably trim around my birthday, after about two-three more months of growth.

my plan is to keep these twists in as long as possible (provided i don't leave the house, LOL). if i have to leave the house to go somewhere important, i'll do a twist out. but if it's to the store or something, i'll probably just tuck them under a scarf and hat.

i wanted to be able to wear these out, but i don't like them enough for that purpose, haha. but each twist is moisturized and so fat and juicy! my hair feels amazingly soft and i can't wait for my first twist out!

also, a tiny bit of hair porn for ya. ;)

i was cleaning out my camera's memory and found these! i'm sure i have some kind of styler in my hair, although i can't remember what. :P izzy was gorgeous at this length!


Skeeta said...

Man ur hair sure is thick . Im jealous! Ur twists do look fat and juicy!. Mine always look skinny and limp. LOL

Melyssa said...

hahah, thanks!

girl, my crown took FOREVER. my head is so big and that area is so thick, i thought i would never finish! i had to part sections specifically in my crown (instead of all around in a row) just to break ground! lol

nappy headed black girl said...

I love the contrast of colors. This post makes me wanna dig up some old pics...