03 October 2010

dear izzy, i still want to marry my denman.

a post dedicated to my dearest izzy. :)

this is the reaffirmation i have been looking for in the past few weeks.

i decided to go home and do laundry (for free) this weekend, and while handling my clothes, why not take this time to treat izzy to the deep conditioning i cheated her out of last week? i shampooed off a week of styling with gel, excited to see the suds bubble up through my curlies. i haven't had a good shampoo in what seems like forever, and i've always loved shampooing my hair.

speaking of shampoo, right now my current staple is ORS creamy aloe, simply because i don't have anything else to use. i'm not sure why i haven't reviewed it yet, because i think it's a great shampoo. i've been using it since day 1 of my natural journey. so i think it's safe to say it'll be a lifetime staple out of simplicity and effectiveness. :) i do still want to buy a full size of the shampoo i got from lush earlier this year.


i slathered on a generous glob of jessicurl weekly deep treatment and worked it through. i am still working with this for my review; i feel this may be more of a protein conditioner than moisturizing one, which is fairly new for me. and proceeded to brush it through with my denman. a week of playing in and pulling at my coils had me convinced that i was in dire need of a good detangling.

i fell in love with my denman all over again.

it glided through my hair, clumping them sooo beautifully that my first thought was: "there's no way i can cut izzy again." nope, i just can't do it. it was love - seeing everything coiled, clumped, and juicy. i am ready to finally grow izzy out and see her in her full glory - i am so impatient for an afro. 

i really wish i could've taken pictures - it was such a unique, gorgeous site. natural hair is one of those amazing things where the more you see it, the more you grow to love it. there's just something so profoundly gorgeous about seeing the twists and turns that spring from your scalp, in knowing that you are perfectly beautiful without even trying... that your beauty is natural, and no one can take that from you. :)

sigh. i was feeling it just now, lol.

even more of a unique site is seeing my blonde grow out... my hair has grown over an inch, two in some spots. i don't really know how much you're meant to get in a month, but seeing my blonde ends just suddenly shift into my dark brown is such a cool sight. i've been thinking of coloring again soon, but i'm going to wait until i order my steamer. i don't feel like committing to color again unless i know i'm armed to take care of it. i also plan to order some moisturizers from jasmine's beauty and bath and qhemet, just to see what's out there.

speaking of buying more things... Mozeke is having a sale this wednesday! 30% off! i'd been meaning to order more of the moisturizing masque, so this is especially delicious! :) this would also be the perfect time to try out a few of their samples, if you were interested!

loving this natural life!


Jonathan said...

FIRST! (do people still do this?)

Skeeta said...

I have yet to get that denman, I need to. PS- Been meaning to mention that ur new pic is cute!