19 October 2010

these little girls are my idols.

beadsbraidsandbeyond is a fairly popular blog, so i'm sure many of you are following. i've been a follower for a few months now and have been eagerly devouring all of Nikki's updates and posts. i'm a little disappointed that she disabled left clicking, because i like to save the pictures to a "style inspiration" folder for ideas on how to style my own hair, but i can more than understand why she did it. i just hope that she never closes her blog! i've been combing through all of her posts, all the way to the very first one, rapturously admiring her creativity when it comes to styling. i know i'm at least twice A's age, but i see no good reason why i can't recreate those own styles on my own head when my hair is just as remarkable! i will, quite sadly, have to forgo the pumpkin and heart-shaped styles. ;)

A's head of hair is absolutely lush, i can't help but to stare and marvel at it. it's clear that Nikki takes excellent care of it and she even serves as an inspiration to me to step up my own hair care game. complaining about having to shape my twa every morning seems pathetic when it comes to that lovely mass of hair she so expertly cares for every week. never have i see a photograph where A's hair didn't seem thick, moisturized, and shiny. her hair is just delicious to me! clearly, time for me to step my game up! i will admit, i have been very interested in trying the bee mine products after seeing A's hair and it's a wonder how i've held out this long.

but that's not the point of my post!

lately, i've been daydreaming about long, loose hair. the thought of having my hair out in this weather, however, sends the cracklies down my roots! fall/winter is protective styling season for sure, but as i traipse about the hills of my massive campus, i can't help but to imagine that a huge, fly-ass afro is bouncing right along with me. i really can't help it! and to be honest, who can?

summer, the thoughts are even worse. i can dream myself delirious with thoughts of a sexy, disheveled curly afro, the rich brown of my hair reflecting back the sun's radiance. carefree and effortlessly chic, natural and soulful, i just can't wait! (of course in all these fantasies, i'm rocking some kind of cute off the shoulder top, and huge, colorful, handmade earrings). you wouldn't be able to tell me a damn thing.

and all of these fantasies came to a head when i was browsing Nikki's blog and stumbled across a recent hair share: click me! 

this little girl's hair was pretty much the manifestation of all my dreams, the epitome of all my wild afro dreams. sigh. her hair is absolutely gorgeous and i can't wait for young izzy to reach similar levels of awesomeness. hand on her hip, it's clear to see that even that little girl realizes how fly she is!

i will get there! i just gotta take this one step at a time. focus on my hair now so that it continues to be healthy and moisturized. i plan to be up on my DCs and moisturizing! i want to steam at least once a week, and i will moisturize daily without complaint. i just have to wait up a little earlier to allow me to do my hair properly in the morning. this half-hearted moisturizing isn't hurting anyone but me and izzy deserves so much better.