13 October 2010

[review] hairveda's hydra-silica nourishing tea mist

-pic coming soon-
ingredients (on bottle): purified water, chamomile flower water, horsetail, neem leaf, hydroxyetheyl, polysorbate 20, phthalate free fragrance.
ingredients (on site): distilled water, special herb blend, glycerin, hydroxethyl urea, polysorbate 20, germall, light fragrance.

i just got this in the mail the past weekend and i have been using it everyday since then! i had no real reason for purchasing, other than it was on sale and i was looking for something quick&easy for my dry hair. i think it was on sale for only $4.00, so why not?

like all of hairveda's products, the price point on this would be agreeable even if it weren't on sale. for $6.75, you get 4 oz of this spritz. my only complaint... the size. not that there's anything wrong with four ounces - i think it's the perfect size to pop into your purse or to test out, buuut... it isn't nearly enough for those of us who have come to love this spritz. the shelf life on this is 6 months, which is great - but can i get it to stretch that long? i've already made a sizeable dent in the amount of product and it hasn't even been a full week, but that could be because i'm heavy handed or because my pump is faulty (more below).

this tea spritz comes in a simple spray bottle, although it has a solid weight to it and the plastic is solid without being thick or heavy. the top (both the cap and stem) are sturdy and the pump is smooth and pleasing to the touch. however, my pump was broken. :/ go figure. i can get one pump out before i have to wait for it to "pop" back up fully. this is annoying. i plan on buying a bottle to transfer the product into, but i really enjoy the packaging on this product, so that disappoints me a little bit.

the label pleases me in an odd way. i say odd way because it's not a very attractive label, color wise. but i love the dusty dark brown/black because it's not a color you see too often. the colors do agree, but remind me of halloween, despite the muted-ness. the font is smooth and the information on the label is arranged neatly. they took good advantage of their space, which i adore; it makes the product seem very clean and "legit" - you can tell they invest time into their packaging.

the website describes the scent as tropical mango, which i actually didn't notice until i smelled my bottle just now. i was aware that the smell was pleasing, but since it mists out, i only caught a hint of sweetness, which i did notice and enjoy. the scent is very light and airy, with just enough sweetness. i don't know if it's mango (as i have had very little exposure to mangos, lol) but it does remind me of some kind of island fruit, which definite tones of berry. this scent is perfect - just sweet enough and very subtle. i especially like this because it isn't that "candy sweet" smell i experience in so many products. this smells very natural. love it!

i have been spritzing this on my hair once (sometimes twice!) a day and izzy has regained a softness that i'm not even sure she had before. my hair is actually touchable. it absorbs quickly and my hair feels so refreshed and happy. and the feeling lasts all day! i'd never really been into spritzes after trying oyin's juices&berries, but i am so glad i tried this! it's a fast and simple step to my regimen and i feel the effects immediately. 

another thing i like is that i can spray this on dry hair and feel the effects just minutes later. it is absorbed quickly and doesn't leave my hair feeling like it has any type of residue, and it doesn't feel sticky.

now, i will offer a small disclaimer. i notice that this product contains glycerin and i've always been a little wary of humectants. the weather here in MD has been gorgeous the past few days, so i'll be paying close attention to how it performs in colder weather. but as of right now, i don't see why this wouldn't make staple status!

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)