24 October 2010

steamer thoughts, part 1... (and a half)

so, i'm sitting under my steamer now... for the second time since i've got it monday. ;0

don't worry, though! i captured a bevy of pictures from my first foray under my huetiful hair steamer and i remember my thoughts clearly, so i thought now would be a good a time as ever to get this post out. i can see this easily becoming a weekly ritual - steaming and blogging. ;) yum!

so i picked up my steamer from home wednesday and used it thursday. thursdays i have an icky 8 AM statistics course so i thought trying out my new steamer would be a great way to reward myself. :)

i don't want to turn this into a review, but i will make some notes about the steamer. right out of the box, it is very easy to assemble and heats up within minutes. i had to make some adjustments, height-wise, since it is a tabletop unit, you can't pull the hood up higher or lower. i simply propped it up on one of the foam pieces it came packaged in, and that sets the unit at the perfect height.

one thing i like about this steamer is how cute it is! i love how handy and portable it is without sacrificing style and chic. i'll get more into the packaging once i do an "official" review.

anyway, i lathered up with my ors aloe shampoo, then slathered on a handful of my mozeke moisture masque and detangled with my denman. i eagerly shimmied my way under the hood of the steamer and cracked open a book. the steamer has its own timer, so it dinged off after about twenty minutes. 


after rinsing shampoo... shiny&fluffy!

deep condish and denman! yum!

the first thing i noticed is what my hair had a new kind of weight to it - it was heavy (with moisture i eagerly assumed). my hair felt just lovely!

that is, until i rinsed.

i hate to admit, but once i rinsed out my conditioner, my hair hadn't felt that much different. i wasn't sure why, but i wasn't exactly sure what to expect either so i didn't have much disappointment to quell. i decided i would judge how well my hair retained it's moisture until next steam. i would reserve judgement until a few more steams.

i will admit, i was fully expecting for my curls to be bouncy and defined, although i'm not entirely sure why, LOL. i suppose that i assumed that the steam would juicify them right up. i also know that moisturized hair is tends to shrink up, and i did notice that izzy was a little more compacted than usual! not a problem with me!

i had wanted to use my steamer with a new moisturizer i'd ordered, but i never got the moisturizer, so i used my good ole avocado butter, and sealed with a new oil blend i decided to try out from mozeke. my hair wasn't as soft as i wanted, but the oil didn't leave my hair greasy at all!

all in all, i don't have much to report on the steamer just yet, but i really hope my new moisturizers come soon just because i can't take this dryness much longer!

as for this second attempt...

combing my DC through with my fingers was very easy. i also decided to mix in a little of my hairveda vatika frosting, just to kick it up a notch. i'm also going to let the conditioner sit for a little while afterwards, instead of just rinsing it out immediately.

and an important note! i hadn't noticed that there's a little circular slot on the top that can open or close to release or trap steam. i made sure the slot is closed this time, so we'll see.

i'll chime in again after i rinse out!


zainab1 said...

Great review , I have heard so much about the steamers. Looking forward to hearing more from you about the steamer. You give such great reviews. Take care.


Skeeta said...

U have alot of hair! Its looking good!

Melyssa said...

thanks so much, ladies!

and Skeeta, this stuff is sprouting like a weed! idk what to do with it! i think i'm gonna PS this winter by buying a lot of cute headscarves and beanies. :) i can't wait until its long enough for braids again!