17 October 2010

pre-steamer thoughts...

haha! YES! i finally put in my order for a steamer!

i was really unwilling to wait any longer. i've been working (fairly) hard in school, so i figured why not treat myself! ever since DC'ing this past weekend and using my hydra-silica spritz, izzy hasn't felt nearly as dry and crackly as she was, which has me so happy. but figured a steamer wouldn't hurt, especially with the colder weather coming. i predict a freezing weather is on its way to maryland. :( dang.

if this is the case, i'm going to pay close attention to izzy. i ordered another 16 of the mozeke masque, along with some samples of a leave-in and other deep conditioners from a company from which i have yet to try. i am especially excited to try the leave-in, because i would like to start experimenting with more moisturizers.

i have such a renewed interest in izzy now that i'm ashamed to admit i stopped caring in the first place. :( looking at my drivers license, i am always so surprised to see this huge, luscious afro i just went and chopped off. my curls were so thick and BIG! it really is true: you never realize what you have until it's gone. i practically had the huge, bodacious afro i was pining for, but i couldn't see it. i could actually shake my hair. and this was all in its shrunken state... i can only imagine how it was stretched!

looking at my ID picture always gets my heart jumpstarted. i am dedicated to getting izzy back to where she was, in all her gorgeous glory! so i am super excited for my new steamer and goodies!


nappy headed black girl said...

*sigh* I guess I will have to live vicariously through you. I can't afford a steamer right now but am ready to witness its benefits on my hair.

Please post your thoughts and comments after your first treatment!

Melyssa said...

aw, if you lived close i'd be happy to share mine with you sis!

i plan to use it this thursday, as a treat for my nasty 8 am math class. ;0