03 December 2009

hmm... to trim or not to trim?

so, for the past several blog posts, i've been toying with the idea of trimming my hair (the ends, specifically). i've been complaining about my straight, unruly, dry ends and my desire to snip snip. i've been really thinking about it as i've been playing in my hair the more they frustrate me, but a few "problems"...

do you trim a twa?
it's only beginning to grow out, so i wonder if it's too soon for a trim? i'm sure women who keep their afro's/hair low get trims, so why not...

what about my length?
my hair is about 3-4 inches all over my head, maybe two inches in some places, i don't really know. looking at pictures from when i first chopped, i'm so happy to see that my little fro is growing! :] i realize my no. 1 concern should be with health, not length, and so i should act accordingly, right?

what about a good STYLIST?
there's not a huge collection of natural stylists out there, and it seems you hear more beauty shop horror stories than fairytales, so who am i to trust my precious twa to? luckily, i have the names of three shops that have stylists that cater to natural hair (and two come with excellent recommendations). so i'll just have to go out for a consultation (not really, prolly just make a phone call) and then pick a stylist.

how do i know my ends need trimming anyway?
this is a new experience for me - getting a trim at my own volition. i typically got a trim every other touch-up or at the exclamation of my stylist ("girl! you need your ends clipped."). so i'm not familiar what healthy ends and unhealthy ends look and feel like.

but i can tell you one thing, i don't like my ends. the root and length of my hair is smooth, soft, and curls perfectly, where as my ends feel rough and frazzled, so i'm guessing it's their time to go.

but! i am excited because i know the benefits of a good trim. finally, my curly fro will stay curly and not explode into a little ball of frizz and fluff. i will have less knots, which means less breakage and wincing, thank god. my curly hair will be left to curl any way it wants without interference from my rebellious ends. and my hair will always grow back.

so, after weeks of talking and thinking about it, it's finally time! i'm going to get a trim!