20 December 2009

oh, & i forgot to mention...

that i was five months natural, like, a week ago. lol. whoops! i know i'm always quick to come here and update when another month has passed, but with finals, styling, and christmas, i guess i just got caught up. but trust & believe that i didn't forget!

so i've been five months and some days natural now and the journey has been so fun. there are times when i do get impatient (more on that below), but i always come back to loving my hair and being amazed at how much it's grown. five months doesn't seem like a very long time, but when i look back to the pictures i took the day of and after my BC, i can't help but go "aww, my fro was so cute and tiny then!" and then i look at my hair now and say, "wow, not so tiny, but still just as cute."

five months gets me excited for six months, which is half an entire year. half a year then gets me excited for a whole year and i can't even picture what my hair will look like then. will it still be big? will it hang? what will my texture look like then? in being natural, you'll find that your hair has just as much personality and mood swings as you do, and it will always find ways to surprise you. so this journey has been so much fun, filled with surprises and (very mild) frustration and adjustments and has just been all kinds of wonderful.

while i'm enjoying my length now, i can't help but get a little impatient for when my hair is longer. and i don't mean long as in my goal length, i mean long as in maybe shoulder length or the length at which i can get it into a puff. i cannot wait for the styles. i want to cornrow and twist and braid and bun. i want to rock a puff one day, flat twists the next, and maybe a braidout after that. i want to pull my hair back with a band, or accessorize with a cute trinket, or pin it up into a curly frohawk. and of course there are the days where i'll just let it be free - it's own little funky curly fro. i want to bantu knot and flexi rod and finger coil all day long.

i can spend hours watching youtube vids, clicking through pictures for style inspiration, reading tutorials, shopping for accessories... i know my hair is long enough now for me to do a few styles, but it won't be easy. but i figure i should practice now so when my hair is longer, i'll have my technique on lock. but watching other people style their hair... i get to live vicariously, you know? and that's good enough for me at the moment. lol.

naturally yours,