16 December 2009

i have discovered the secret... two day hair!

yes, it is that important that it had to be bolded! i never really understood second day hair in relation to twa's. for me, it was always, rewet, moisturize, and fluff. and of course, my hair never looked as good as wash day. as my teeny weeny afro grew from half an inch to three, i soon became acquainted with the lumpy fro:

there wasn't really anything wrong to it, for me, other than the typical annoyance of not having a uniform circle. i wasn't a fan of picking it out (which i have yet to do, despite the urging of my boyfriend) because i wasn't a fan of detangling. when i saw mahoganycurls method on youtube (link here), i thought "awesome, now if only my hair was long enough to shake." and i'm pretty sure her texture is much looser than mine and that allows her to literally shake-n-go. lucky.

anyway, one of my favorite styles that i can fashion on my twa is a shingle. i've shingled in earnest two times now and i loved both results. the second time i shingled was just yesterday, with afroveda's pur whipped gelly (review soon) and i was loving the results:

to my dismay, i didn't go out that day, so no one got to appreciate the beauty that was my perfectly sculpted afro. so, i went to sleep and when i woke up, i was greeted by a miracle that only happens in a natural's wet dreams...

the curls that were so perfectly defined by the gel yesterday were still there today! still shiny and defined, just mashed down. so, i took my spray bottle and lightly damped my hair. i was rushing, but very gently kind of massaged and pulled the curls with my fingers and they sprang back to life! even better than when i first shingled yesterday!

so all day, i've been walking around in my pink scarf and my fly silver earrings just feeling myself. i feel like i just discovered some kind of massive secret to natural-dom. and it feels awesome. and as if that secret wasn't enough, it just gets better... if you use a moisturizing gel, you won't have to constantly remoisturize everyday! which is great, because already i'm nervous about running out of avocado butter when i still have the better half of my jar to go (i love this stuff just this much).

so, even though this is a "secret," i can't help but share. i have a feeling second-day hair is one of those things that remain a secret for each naturalista until she really experiments and learns her hair. but still, one natural's secret is another natural's suggestion!


Sasha-Shae/Afroniquely You said...'s great when you find the key to second day hair for your own hair :)

Anonymous said...

Heres a secret...E.T. likes Reese's Pieces

Melissa-jane said...

HI Izzy thank you for commenting on my blog, I wondered if it was the afroveda that helped you get two day hair of is it just the shingling? I have not done it in a while but my gel seems to get quite stiff on day two, I am wearing twist outs at the moment. Good luck lady.

Melyssa said...

i think afroveda definitely helps because it has a harder hold than the other gels, so my curls keep their definition longer.

but i am a gel junkie, so i know i'll keep buying and trying more gels until i find one with perfect hold.

but i don't mind hard hair too much, so i really like the afroveda!