03 December 2009

[inventory] new goodies!

i mentioned in my last inventory post that i spent a lot on online shopping. of course, i had to get some new things for my hair too. i got a few sample sizes of some hairveda products and some natural products, along with an item from afroveda.

from hairveda, i got:
cococasta oil
avosoya oil
sitrinillah deep conditioner

from afroveda, i got the PUR whipped gelly which is an instant hit. i am a gel junkie and i love this stuff so far. i can't wait to review it.

as for miscellaneous items, i got more shea butter. i've been wanting to try avocado butter for a little while though, so i got that and some more coconut oil. my last thing of coconut oil smelled terrible, so i tossed it. but i'm not sure if the oil i got this time is extra virgin, so may end up buying some more.

oh, i also purchased some funky kind of "conditioning masque" from buttersnbars.

i also ordered some containers from fromnaturewithlove to keep all my butters and whatnot in. i dislike the containers that they come in, so i need to transfer them for my sanity.

so expect reviews soon! i will be reviewing:
  • afroveda pur whipped gelly
  • avocado butter
  • coconut oil
  • hairveda sitrinillah dc
  • and whatever else i don't remember at the moment.
so look out for those. :]


Nika said...

I got the cocasta oil too and so far I LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

wow, you got a HAUL! nice *thumbs up* cant wait for the reviews