10 December 2009

my gel twists!

alright, so finally, some pictures of my hair! i haven't been as diligent as i should be when it comes to taking pictures of my hair specifically, but i figured that i'm in enough pictures that i can look back on my journey to see my progress. :]

anyway, i received my afroveda PUR whipped gelly maybe two weeks ago and decided to try it out that very same night (i will do a proper review once i've played around with it some more). this was completely on a whim, as i was bored and i just wanted my hair to smell like delicious vanilla cake. so, i figured that since i had some gel, why not do gel twists? i'll try my best to walk you through the process...

i sectioned off a row of hair and completely soaked it with my handy-dandy water bottle. from there, i smoothed on a sufficient about of the gelly, making sure to focus on my dry ends. from that section of hair, i then parted a very small section of hair and then twisted it around my fingers, gently tugging the hair in the direction i wanted it to try (downwards). i did this throughout my head. i made straight rows throughout my head, but the sections weren't necessarily even, but they don't have to be. this is one of those styles where things don't have to be perfect. :]

this was my first time doing this style on my own. a friend did comb coils (same thing, but with a comb) earlier this month and they were nice, but i definitely prefer finger coils. they're softer, curlier, and just look cuter to me.

i did the front the night i got my gelly (too lazy to finish the back). but this picture is from the day after, after being slept on and smushed under my hood all day.

and here is a picture of the back, taken the same night of me actually doing it. see the difference?

it was fun and easy, if a little time consuming. i learned the hard way to finish your entire head in one night so you don't look crazy. anyway, if any of you would like a picture tutorial, i would be more than pleased to do one and post it up in my fotki. :]


prettydarkthing! said...

Oh! Put a tutorial on fotki!

Skeeta said...

Very nice!

Sasha-Shae/Afroniquely You said...

So nice and shiny! Good job :)

BlackMasterPiece said...

this is gorgeous!! I wish you would have finished ur whole head...I think you would have loved it!