10 December 2009

[review] natural product: avocado butter!

avocado butter

i purchased a 2-piece sampler from sheanmore (link) maybe a week or so ago. the set came with 8 oz of shea butter and 8 oz of avocado butter. everyone knows that i love shea butter, and i use it for for everything: hair, body, face. but i had heard a lot of good things about avocado butter and the price was more than right, so why not try it?

well, i'm pretty sure that this was the single best purchase i've ever made in my life. and i mean that this ranks right up there with going natural - it is just that good. in all seriousness, this stuff is nothing short of amazing.

first off, the smell. i've never smelled avocados, never tasted or touched them, so the scent came as a pleasant surprise. the scent is very subtle, soft, and faint. it's very light, but still refreshing, like a breeze or fresh fruit. it is subtly and naturally sweet while being far from overbearing. each time i open the container, i can't help but to take a big, satisfying whiff.

i love the consistency. it's just thick and rich enough. it is far from hard, and almost has a pudding-like consistency. it requires no whipping, no melting, no warming between your hands, none of that. you can just smooth it on straight from the jar. the consistency of this butter is one of my favorite aspects. it's not thick, but not thin either - it has found the perfect middle ground for a buttery, smooth texture. it is far from heavy, almost fluffy but not quite, and sinks in with hardly any grease or buildup.

i have been using this butter daily since i got it in the mail last week, so i feel as though i've gotten a pretty good trial run; good enough to comment on its performance. since i have started using the avocado butter, my little afro has been the business and believe me when i say that. it's been snowing and raining, with biting cold winds here on the east coast, and not a dry strand of hair in sight. my hair has been drinking this stuff up. i am left with almost-touchable hair (i say almost because i am very heavyhanded, but i have been getting better!) that doesn't feel coated, weighed down, or greasy. my hair has been happy, fluffy, and moisturized. this stuff ended a two-week battle with stiff, tangled, dry, unhappy hair and i couldn't have been more pleased.

i do need to note that avocado butter does not come unrefined. i was wary of this at first because in dealing with other butters, such as shea, we all know to avoid the refined stuff. the refinement process strips the butters of its nutrients and benefits, rendering it virtually useless. despite this fact, i still wanted to try and i'm so pleased that i did. even though the avocado butter is processed, i can honestly say that it doesn't disappoint in any aspect, whether it be the scent, consistency, or performance.

this has replaced shea butter in my hair and i'm almost ashamed to admit it. when i first BC'ed, all i ever used in my hair was shea butter and i loved it, so i never expected to find anything that could top it. to me, avocado butter is, hands down, better than shea butter, but at the same time... the two are almost completely different from one another. i will continue to use my shea, of course, for deep conditioning and my body, but i will be using avocado exclusively for my hair (i've found that it doesn't work the same wonders on my body, at least not in the winter).

i will definitely be ordering more avocado butter from shea-n-more. you get 8 oz for $8.50, which to me, is a great price for an excellent butter. only thing with butters (and not just sheanmore, but almost all companies) is that they come in a plastic container that can be a hassle to open and close everyday. i ordered several jars to transfer my butters and oils into and my avocado butter is much happier and prettier in her new home. :] lol.

in the end, i just cannot say enough good things about avocado butter and i encourage everyone to try it. i know for a fact that this stuff is my first holy grail staple. i'm not even going to ask "would i repurchase." without a doubt.

and i'm adding this new disclaimer just to be safe, as per the new FTC rules: i am not affiliated or connected in anyway with shea-n-more. i was not paid for this review and the item was purchased with my own funds.


Nika said...

YOU'RE MAKING ME SPEND $, lol. I want to try this.

Melyssa said...

lol, sorry. i know how that is. but this stuff is AMAZING. i love it! it'd be an INVESTMENT!

Amina said...

I want to try it too

Melyssa said...

you know what i'm gonna say - DO IT! do it!

Laine Didi Lina said...

Never Tried this one! I should it seems to be a really good stuff!
Nice blog also!