01 July 2011

[review] african royale braid & extensions sheen spray

ingredients: deionized water, glycerin, propylene glycol, ppg-12-peg-50, lanolin, dicetyldimonium chloride, polyquarternium 32 & paraffinum liquidum, tea tree leaf oil, polysorbate 80, oat kernel extract, allantoin, silk amino acids, sheep sorrell, yarrow, slippery elm bark, sage, henna, comfrey, burdock root, goldenseal, cherry bark, ginseng, black walnut, chamomile, alfalfa, hyssop, wheat germ, methyl & propyl paraben, fragrance.

this review won't be broken down into sections like some of my past reviews, because this is such a simple, straightforward product. i'll hit on the main points, of course, but this product is summed up pretty neatly in a few paragraphs.

i figured this would be a good time to review, since i'm closing in on week five in my braids. i've used this braid spray every time i get extensions and it's a pretty good bargain product. i got 12 oz of this for about five dollars out of a random beauty supply store. i'm sure you could find this at a target, cvs, or sally's as well, but any beauty supply store will be your best bet.

to be so "cheap," the ingredient list is actually quite nice, although confusing. i'm not sure why you'd need mineral oil in a braid spray, what the hell ppg-12-peg-50 is, or what the ingredients in the end actually are. obviously, i know what wheat germ and henna is, but what did you guys use? an oil, extract, powder? it's not a big deal to me, but you know, sometimes you like to know.

i like the fragrance of this spray, which was probably one of the main reasons why i chose this over the thousands of other options. it's actually pretty hard to describe, even as i sit here sniffing at it now... not very sweet, but not musky at all, it's perfectly in the middle. it's fragrant without being overpowering. there might be some florals in there with a tiny musk-like undertone. neutral scent, not manly or feminine but it's light and plesant. to be honest, i don't have the words (shocker!) so i'll just sum it up by saying: it smells good.

being a braid spray, the consistency is... well, liquid (big surprise there). i loooove spraying this on newly braided hair, it just feels so cool and amazing on a stressed scalp. the perfect, post-braiding treat.

this is a very moisturizing braid spray. every time i get braids, i inevitably end up taking out a few either around the perimeter or in the middle (idk why, i just do). one thing i've noticed is that when i'm touching the freed hair, it feels incredibly soft and smooth. this braid spray is the only thing i use on my hair when in braids, so it must be the spray. it's important to keep your moisture up when in long-term protective styles, especially braids or weaves. this braid spray does a great job of keeping my hidden hair soft and moisturized.

i can see myself using this even without extensions. if i were to braid or twist my own hair with the intention of keeping them in for a few weeks, i'm sure this spray would perform equally as well.

there's no question that i would purchase this again, but this bottle has lasted me at least a year now and i'm not even halfway through it. for only five dollars, it's a great value, especially for those of you who like to stay braided up, like myself.

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)