01 July 2011

[review] emerald lab's coconut oil!

i haven't done a review on a natural "product" in a long time, and since i just recently ordered more coconut oil, i figured i would review that! :) this review will be on what i like as coconut oil as a whole, but i will say that emerald labs is my favorite brand. now, i've only tried one off-brand coconut oil before  so i can't really compare this brand to others. this is the brand i first tried and immediately fell in love with it. i may try other brands in the future and i'm sure it doesn't matter too much what brand you get, so long as it's raw/unrefined/extra virgin coconut oil. soooo let's get started.

i've been using coconut oil for maybe two years and it's never been anything less than amazing for me. i use it for everything and i really do mean from head to toe. i love it for my hair; coconut and castor oil give me the best shine. i also like to add a little bit of coconut oil for an extra kick in my deep conditioners. it softens my hair so well, although i have heard that coconut oil has hardened/dried out some ladies' hair. take it slow; since coconut is a fairly thin oil, it can be easy to go overboard. 

i also use it for my face. i like it as an occasional moisturizer, but you must be careful to only use a tiny amount, or else you'd end up looking a greasy mess. one thing i've recently discovered is that using coconut as a moisturizer underneath physical sunblocks (zinc and titanium dioxide) helps to eliminate that annoying white cast that many of them can leave behind. 

i've also used coconut oil as the main oil when i use the oil cleansing method. it also makes an excellent make up remover! it gets rid of eyeshadow and foundation and leaves my face feeling so damn soft.

during the summer, coconut oil is one of my main moisturizers for my entire body. after a good, thorough exfoliation in a hot shower, this is my favorite oil to slather on. i've used jojoba oil, olive oil, and grapeseed oil after a shower and none of them can beat out coconut oil for me. it's such a light oil to spread on without being greasy and deeply moisturizes. yum!

one thing i particularly like about the emerald labs (and i'm not sure if this is unique to this brand or not) is how emollient the texture is. it's really light and kind of feels like it's gliding across your skin. it's hard to describe but it makes me feel like i'm scooping out a fingerful of cloud or something. the oil itself is just so incredibly soft, it's something you have to experience for yourself!

the scent is also the perfect, faint coconutty fragrance. just sweet enough and far from overpowering. it fades within a few minutes and doesn't "scent" your skin.

now, compared to other brands of coconut oil that you can scoop up from any grocery store (organic or otherwise), you can only by emerald labs from GNC. it's also a bit pricier. where generous jars other brands may be $8 or so, the emerald labs is a whopping $12.99. of course i'd rather pay $8-9 than $13, but GNC runs pretty good sales fairly often. in a sale last week, the oil was on sale for $9.99 and if i'd had the funds, i would've stocked up on two or three more jars instead of just one. but as with many products, the price is worth it to me and a single jar will last me many months, despite how often i may use it.

coconut oil as a whole is a staple beauty for me, while emerald labs gets a definite A.

ftc disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated with this company. i was not paid for this review and the product was purchased with my own monies. :)