29 July 2011

UPDATES; no buy + goals + reviews

i know i should be sleep, but i've been itching to post something - weird, right?! while i'm up enjoying the 90's Nick programming block, i figured a quick, simple post updating my no-buy would be okay. :)

so, looking back on my old posts on my no-buy, i realize my six months are well up! over about 8 month period, i can count the hair products i've purchased on one hand (not including a $1.00 brush and bobby pins). i bought the care free curl gold moisturizer/activator and eco styler argan oil gel. the first saw very little action (i don't even know where it is now) and i've been using the eco styler every chance i get. oh! i also bought the hairveda limited edition "green" conditioner because, hey, it's limited edition and i like to show my support.

i've decided to go ahead and extend my no-buy for the rest of the year. i still have drawers full of products and samples that are waiting to be opened and tried. i'm even banning myself from repurchasing staples (should i run out), to kind of "force" myself to use everything up.

i've been thinking about gifting away a good chunk of my stash, but i want to at least review them before passing them on. however, being realistic, that's not going to happen. there are some products i have that i don't even see myself ever using. i'll get those items sorted out and then evaluate the rest of my stash.

ultimately, my goal is to stick to no more than 3-4 product lines for all of my hair care needs. so far, the lines i'm expecting to be loyal to are: qhemet biologics, enso naturals, oyin handmade, and mozeke. i already know my staple gel will be the eco styler argan oil. i plan to work on/with the qhemet and enso lines, try some samples and see how i like them. they're two lines i have a lot of excitement for, so i'm hoping they deliver!

in the meantime, i plan to have at least three reviews out next week. i know i always say that, but i'm ready to get out a lot of my experiences. if i didn't have such a busy day today (friday), i'd work on them. instead, i'll just try and tackle about two a day next week. here's a list to help keep me focused:
  • ori organics golden jojoba conditioner
  • ori organics curl restorative masque
  • eco styler argan oil & olive oil gel
  • bee mine luscious balanced moisturizer
  • enso naturals cacao curl recovery deep conditioner
  • care free curl gold instant moisturizer
  • donna marie curling jelly
  • donna marie curling cream
  • jasmine's shea butter cream rinse leave-in
  • jasmine's babassu xtreme conditioner