28 July 2011

summer styling circuit: small twists

i've wanted to try these for a while and since i'm going to the beach this weekend, it seemed like the perfect time. :) last night, i steamed with my mozeke moisture mask. i added some of hairveda's vatika frosting and castor oil; since i would be swimming, i wanted to make sure my hair was super moisturized. i rinsed my hair for about five minutes, because my hair was so incredibly lush and soft that i thought i still had conditioner in! Izzy has never been so defined and bouncy after a washing! it was like something out of a wet dream - my staple deep condish with my favorite oils… bliss!

since my hair felt so amazing, i just braided it up without moisturizer. today, when i took down each individual braid, i applied some of bee mine's balanced moisturizer (so far, it's a good product, i'll have to get the review up soon). i sectioned off a tiny bit of hair and clipped the larger section out of the way. i smoothed in some eco style argan oil gel (pretty sure i'm obsessed with this stuff) and brushed with my denman. my entire head took me maaaaybe three hours? not including food breaks, youtube breaks, etc. :P 

here's what i ended up with:

i took fairly small sections but i would love to do some tiny/mini twists the next time i have my hair out. i plan to go back into braids next week, but i'm definitely going to try and fit in another style!

the back and front look a little wonky, but i'm sure my twists will fluff up with a little wear. you can see some of the parts i made as i went along:

i like this style and i think it'd be super cute with longer hair, maybe SL stretched. i love the look of twists, but i always have this fear that i look a little boyish when my hair is in twists and i feel that length will be the "cure" for that fear, lol. we'll see! i'm sure by the time my braids are out, i'll have enough hair to see! :)