11 July 2011

the summer 2011 two week styling circuit!

cool title, right? ;) 

so i gave in to the siren call of izzy and took my braids out after 6 or 7 weeks (i don't remember how long exactly). i was maybe 1-2 weeks short of the 8 weeks i had them in earlier in the year, so i don't feel too bad. i plan to give izzy two weeks to have her fun before i go back to my senegalese for the rest of the summer. while i've missed her, i'm really not trying to deal with her at the beach or out-of-state. since i'll be going back into braids soon, i figured i would make the best of these next two weeks by doing a mini styling challenge. :)

i always wonder what i can do with my fro and figured what better time than to try new styles?! i've already tried a flat twist out, which came out pretty cute despite how craptastic my twists were (it's a very forgiving style, thank goodness). i plan to try them again soon. i'm in bantu knots right now (pictures coming soon!) and i'm excited because it'll be my first bantu knot out! i also want to try some smaller twists, braids, cornrow-out (i made that up just now), a mohawk, a twist-n-curl, and whatever else that i come across that looks cute.

i'll post my pictures and routine with each style, the day i try them so this'll be the busiest my blog has been all year (sad, i know). it should be exciting, regardless! i also plan to have up at least two more reviews this week, just fyi.

hope you all are having a great summer so far!