17 July 2011

summer styling circuit: braidout!

for this challenge, i decided to try my first braidout. i liked how quickly this took, maybe 30-45 minutes to braid my whole head. here are the pictures (loving how shiny my hair looks!)

not sure if you can see from the pictures, but i always have trouble when i get to around my temples because my hair is thinner there. instead of braiding, i had to do the odd twist or two.

and here's when i took them out in the morning!

it was tough getting rid of the parts, but i think it came out kinda cute, despite some of my sloppier braids. it looked better on the second day, but of course i forgot to take pictures of it. on the third day, i stuck my head under the faucet for a quick moment to get some water into it (which i won't do again, at least not without following with some moisturizer and a gel). on the third day, it was definitely ready for a washing!

so i washed with the mozeke just peachy shampoo and steamed with an enso deep conditioner. i braided up my hair last night to keep it stretched and work a "quickie" braidout today that was actually pretty cute! 

my next style will be a regular ole twistout; i'm twisting with the eco styler argan oil gel right now, really trying to make neat, even twists. some are bigger than others, but i'm focused on getting "equal" parts of hair for the twist and smoothing my ends. i'm amazed to see how long my hair is getting, stretching out the hair as my fingers work their way downwards. 

so far, i'm learning how difficult it is to actually "style" my hair! on shorter hair, it is very easy for a braidout or bantu knot-out to look completely crazy and wild, which isn't exactly what i'm going for. if my hair "fell," the weight might take out some of the bigness, which is what i want… just not right now, lol. i am a slave to headbands (i have the most trouble styling the front of my head), and i've been trying to think of ways to maneuver my hair to either "fall" like a bang, or stick straight up. it's trickier than it sounds!