13 July 2011

summer styling circuit: bantu knot-out

for my first styling attempt, i tried a bantu knot out! i figured my hair was finally long enough to try this style, so i sat down sunday night and began twisting. it took me maybe an 40 minutes to an hour (i don't remember how long exactly, but it couldn't have been longer than that). i worked for about twenty minutes and then took a break before finishing. i sat under the dryer for 20 minutes afterwards and when i unraveled in the morning, some still felt a little damp (not sure if it was sweat from my workout or if they weren't completely dry).

here's some images from when i finished twisting/bantu-ing:

and here's the morning i took them out!

unfortunately, i didn't take pictures of my 2nd day hair before starting on my next style, but it held up "okay." i wasn't really impressed or disappointed. this was my first time trying so i'm sure my technique can use some improvement - some parts of my head were a little harder to grip than others. next time i try, i'll make sure to smooth my ends more, dry my hair completely, and twist neater. i think it could come out really nicely a second time around. :)

i really only care for bantu knot outs on longer hair, so i was expecting some funky pattern going on and it definitely wasn't uniform at all. the parts disappeared by the second day, but i didn't really care for the results on the first day either.

the lack of uniformity makes my hair look dry in the photos and i'm still working on taming my ends. no matter what, they always seem to end up frizzy. some ends are smoother than others, so i'm not sure if its my ends that are in bad shape or if i'm simply not smoothing enough when i detangle. braids can be brutal on your ends, so i plan to baby them while my hair is out and start paying more attention to them when they're in braids. i really need to get a handle on them because frizzy ends can really put a damper on a cute look.

next circuit post will be a braidout! :)


BeesOHoney said...

Pretty good for a first try. :)

Melyssa said...

thanks! i'm definitely gonna try again :) the knot-out itself isn't exactly a style when your hair is shorter, i just gotta find a cute way to actually "style" it, lol

cece14770 said...

I've learned the trick to have shiny locks with bantu knot outs.. When you take them down use coconut oil on your fingers. Also, while seperating them it helps to lock in moisture and you get great shine.Especially with natural hair when you take it down with your finger tips dry; our hair tends to frizzy some horribly. Hope this helps :)