20 July 2011

summer styling circuit: twistout !!! (lots of pics!)

yes, i did have to include three exclamation points! :) i'm so excited for this post, i wanted to do it the moment i put my twists in! i did a twistout today and it came out so beautifully, i'm learning that there really is a technique/process to great twistouts and i'm so excited to be learning my hair and what works for it to get the best style.

so saturday night, i washed and deep conditioned before braiding my hair to keep it stretched. while braiding, i moisturized with oyin's hair dew, sealed with my qhemet alma and olive heavy cream (which i've been trying to learn to use) and jamaican black castor oil.

the following day, i sectioned off my hair (as i went along), and from there, i took the amount of hair i wanted to twist. i smoothed some eco styler argan oil gel and brushed with my modified denman (i think, i don't exactly remember, lol) and did this to each smaller section of hair. i carefully sectioned the hair into two pieces, making sure that each piece had an equal amount of hair so that i could twist all the way down cleanly. i also parted my hair the way i wanted my twists to hang/fall. i coiled the ends using my fingers. it only took maybe an hour.

i was fingering and playing with my twists all night, they were so plump and soft! i knew i had great twistout coming to me.

i kept the twists in monday and tuesday, since i didn't really have anywhere to be. i did spritz with the hairveda hydra-silica one day, just to see if anything would happen, lol. today, i was meeting up with one of my besties at the mall, so i figured i could take them down. i carefully pulled apart the twists, but didn't separate them any further. i spritzed with the hydra-silica again and had this:

and gosh, i am just so in love with Izzy today! making sure to make evenly distributed twists really helped with my frizz, which usually kills an otherwise cute style. i had no frizz and my hair is so incredibly soft and bouncy and just BEAUTIFUL! my twists are hanging the way i want and i love it! i'm really interested to see how my second and third-day hair turns out, i'm hoping i can get more volume.

this is, by far, the best twistout i have ever achieved on my own and i feel that's due to two big things:
  • twisting on dry, stretched hair (lets me keep my length and makes twisting much easier)
  • making sure the two pieces of my twists are even (allows me to twist all the way to my ends, eliminating frizz)
i'm sure if i follow this formula, i can get consistent results each time. next time, i'm going to focus on twisting cleaner near the roots. my twists were fine when i first did them, but after two days of wear they started to get a little frizzy.

i had such a beautiful day and i honestly believe part of it was because my hair was so cute, LOL. ;) i am loving this little personal challenge.


BeesOHoney said...

Aww you look SO pretty. I'm lovin' these hair styles girl. Work it, work it!

Melyssa said...

thanks so much! :) i am having too much fun, i almost don't want to go back to braids (this week!) but i am not gonna carry around an arsenal of hair products while i'm traveling, lol

Skeeta said...

I got ur msg! Thx for writing! It was great hearing from u. Ive been reading all ur post.. Im loving how much ur hair has grown! Ive been wearing twist in my hair for 2 months with weave added in but no one can ever tell. Im gonna do a quick post with a pic to update. ttys!

Melyssa said...

skeeta! yay :) i'm happy to hear from you! i can't wait for your post, your hair sounds like a really pretty protective style.